The legendary Gandalf the White is neither Disney nor actually on a blogging platform. However, he has decided to lend his services to the people of Characters & Fables roleplay by becoming their resident Magic Anon. Gandalf takes anonymous requests. All C&F writers MUST follow Gandalf and not accept any other magic anon power. So drop by the ask box and if you have something you'd like to see happen to a character send it gandalf's way and watch the magic unfold!


It’s been a long while, has it not? And over this time had at least one of you come to visit  me?

Unfortunately not. Please, my friends, do feel welcome.

You there-

A particularly short adventure actually involving certain anonymous persons and their means of mischief… Please, my work is getting disappointingly slow and boring these days, it would be lovely to wreak some havoc..

(Ooc: Send in some magic anons people! C:

Anonymous asked: Turn John into a busty, blonde woman for two days.

I shall make it so, anonymous..


Lack of beard is no obstacle for me.


Anonymous asked: Turn Mary Poppins into a child for a day?

Switching the role of a sitter, hm? Wonderful.

It shall be done, anonymous.



Magic Anon Reference Sheet By Zayne


Magic Anon Reference Sheet by Zayne Wright

This is by no means the only things you are allowed to do. Have fun, be creative! This is just a reference sheet for those who aren’t sure how to do it or what to give someone. 

Sample formats [Feel free to shake it up to make things a bit less monotonous. The basic things you need for a nicely formatted magic anon are: Indication that it is in fact a Magic Anon, a time period, and a change of status.]:

  • M!A here. For the next [x amount of time], [magic anon status with enough detail to be understood easily]
  • Magic Anon! It seems [something happened to cause this magic anon] and now  [magic anon status with enough detail to be understood easily] for [x amount of time]

Acceptable time periods: [Keep in mind that some people do not appreciate longer that a few hours or a day. Unless it’s necessary for a plot, longer than 7 days isn’t recommended.  Check the important information on blogs to see if they’ve stated as such. Backwards of this, if you have an important information page, it helps to add if you do not accept certain ma statuses or times.]

  • 30 minutes
  • 1 -5 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 36 hours
  • 7 days

Statuses, easily formatted for simple copy and paste. As always, adding more detail or story to it makes it more amusing. Feel free to reword when using. 


  • your speech comes out backwards. [Specify if words themselves are backwards, just the order, or both]
  • you must speak in song lyrics
  • you must shout everything you say
  • you must whisper everything you say.
  • you must giggle every time you say a word that starts with ______
  • you must giggle any time someone says your name
  • you must giggle any time someone says ______

Development and Plot:

  • your intentions are purely evil.
  • your intentions are purely for the good of mankind.
  • your intentions are purely selfish.
  • you no longer remember ______
  • all your memories of your normal life are replaced with ______
  • you have [different character]’s memories ______
  • you are suddenly very shy
  • you are suddenly very out going
  • you are now [blind, deaf, mute, unable to feel, unable to taste]
  • you now have magic powers
  • you no longer have any sort of magic
  • you are now convinced you are in love with [different character name]
  • you are now convinced you hate [different character name]
  • you are convinced you and [different character name] are in a relationship/are married
  • you are now allergic to ______[don’t stict to just food. Use something of nature, animals, a common medicine, a different characters soap or perfume]


  • you are now ______ years old
  • you are now the opposite gender
  • you broke your ______
  • [give them any sort of injury, minor or major]


  • you are now afraid of ______
  • you are no longer afraid of ______
  • you are plagued with terrible nightmares [feel free to specify of what]
  • you find yourself sleepwalking and waking up in strange places outside of your home
  • you talk in your sleep, confessions truths
  • you now have/are [mental disorder. Stress, bipolar, anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc]
  • you have a little voice in your head telling you to hurt people or do bad things


  • you are now a [animal - specify of course, different profession, supernatural creature - harpy, banshee, vampire, werewolf, zombie, ghost]
  • you are an introvert
  • you are an extravert
  • you refuse to leave your bathroom [specify a reason or leave it up to them]
  • you can [give them a talent or ability]
  • everyone believes you to be dead
  • you are invisible
  • you think you are invisible, when in fact you are not

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Anonymous asked: Can Johnaconda be a thing?

I thought it already was, my dear. 


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